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Dec 12, 17

Virginia: On Eve of ACP decision, Banner Dropped at Board Member’s Home

The following anonymous report was sent to IGD, which we reprint below. It details actions people have undertaken in concert with the ongoing struggle against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) in Virginia, which we discussed on our most recent podcast here. For more information and further updates, follow @NO_ACP. 

As this is being typed, Heather Wood is probably sleeping soundly. She has made up her mind to vote to approve the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, along with most of the other Virginia Water Control Board members. After approving the Mountain Valley Pipeline last week, there is no doubt the board will approve the Atlantic Coast Pipeline tomorrow during the final day of the pipeline approval hearings in the stolen land of so-called Richmond, Va.

Heather might be in Richmond for all we know, but in the morning, whoever drives the blue BMW SUV in her Norfolk, Va mansion’s driveway will probably give her a call to let her know that a witchy-ass banner calling her and all her fellow board members out was hung from their front porch for their neighbors to see. This banner was not hung to ask the board to vote no on the ACP. Heather Wood and the rest of the board had their minds made up before these hearings, which have been swamped with pissed off people that don’t want their water poisoned, wildlife murdered, their neighborhoods exploited with eminent domain and faced with the reality that dangerous explosions could happen in their community or backyard. But the VA Water Control Board does not care that other people will be exploited for their personal benefit. So this banner is a small act of solidarity payback for all the people and ecosystems that the Water Control Board doesn’t give a shit about.

We know the ACP will be approved tomorrow afternoon. We know Dominion Energy has the Water Control Board in their pocket. We know Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC will begin clearing forests soon. But most of all we know we are going to kill this 42″ black snake. When we have done everything we can to prevent this pipeline within legal means, we will resort to sabotage and we will defeat this symbol of domination, exploitation, globalized capital, earth pillage, and outright assholery.

This banner was also hung in solidarity with those fighting LNG export terminals from Cove Point to Port Tacoma, those holding down forest occupations from Camp White Pine to the Hambach Forest to the Mattole Forest, those that rocked the Olympia Commune, those building regenerative food systems impacted by fossil fuel infrastructure, and all the warriors out there willing to risk their lives for human, animal, and earth liberation.

Fire to the Prisons, Fire to the Pipelines, Fire to the Fascists

-a pack of pissed off raccoons, squirrels, and opossoms.

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