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May 1, 17

Wage Slaves Revolt! May Day Across the World 2017

Throughout the month of March, the far-Right has attempted to hold a variety of mobilizations in various US cities by busing in people across state lines to inflate their numbers. On March 4th and 25th, we saw largely small turnouts in support of Donald Trump, whose ratings plummeted in the polls, while Trump continued to lie about his popularity, even saying that one recent rally in Harrisburg had people “standing outside” to see him, while there were plenty of empty seats in the stadium. Alt-Right neo-Nazis also attempted to hold a series of rallies across the US, which were by and large failures and exposed the open and growing ties between the racist Alt-Right and militia, libertarian, and pro-Trump groups.

May Day 2017 however, is bringing literally hundreds of thousands of people across the world into the streets, as school walkouts took place, massive labor strikes, riots, street blockades, community gatherings, rallies, pickets, and protests all were organized by a wide variety of groups, organizations, and affinities.

Of note, massive clashes happened in Paris as thousands of working-class people continue to reject the recent election between a neoliberal and a neofascist. In several US cities, members of the far-Right attempted to clash with May Day demonstrators, and in Chechnya, police rounded up LGBTQI demonstrators who speaking out against State organized concentration camps and murders of queer people.

More analysis, social media, and reports will be added to this page as it comes in.

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