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Mar 20, 17

Washington DC: Antifa UnMasked: A Day of Learning

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Antifa is badass
But not in a scary way (unless you’re a Nazi)
And really, racists should be afraid to be racist

You might have heard of masked rabble-rousers in Berkeley chasing off professional racist, transphobic, and sexist troll Milo Yiannopoulos (whose CPAC speech and book deal was also cancelled).

Or, in our own DC, there was the face punching of Nazi Richard Spencer – which followed a campaign to hound and discredit him and the fascist “Alt-Right.”

You might be curious, who are these Antifa folks? Maybe you’re looking to get involved? Or maybe you just want to hang out? Either way, come to the extravaganza of learning: “Antifa Unmasked,” an afternoon of learning, games, and community.

Learn about Antifa’s story and how to fight Fascism today. See behind the mask. Learn little known facts.

For Example, did you know:

* Antifa activists don’t always wear masks (there are people under there!)
* Black Bloc is a tactic not a group – (with origins in European Anti-fascism)
* No platform is an expression of free speech, saying people have a right not to be oppressed by bigots
* Not all Antifa are Anarchists, but Anarchists are fly
* Some famous Anti-fascists include Ernest Hemingway and George Orwell.
* Antifa stands for anti-fascist, and no one agrees on how to pronounce it

In one day, you’ll be a lot smarter. Over a dozen workshop presenters will be speaking on the most important topics in antifa, as we continue a dangerous global descent into fascism. The ideas behind antifa will be discussed in workshops called “What is Fascism?” and “The History of the Fight Against Fascism.” Many antifascists are also anarchists, so we will discuss the philoshophies of anarchy and anarchism in an “Anarchism 101” workshop. We will talk about the current struggles to oppose contemporary Nazis and the “Alt Wrong,” like why we say yes to frogs and no to Pepe. We will also talk about “Theory and Strategy behind the Black Bloc.” The black bloc are the lovable activists in the black masks who tend to appear when fascists are about. And if all of that learning weren’t enough for you, we’ll even break for a nutritious lunch, because, you know, an army runs on its stomachs.

More details and a full schedule will be forthcoming.

This event is created by the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition. The DC Anti-Fascist Coalition is an anti-racist, anti-fascist coalition; united along these principles:

We confront, and do not ignore, oppressors.

We don’t rely on the cops or the courts. Cops reinforce oppressive systems. We rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and fight for deeper justice.

Within the movement we have differing opinions and approaches, but we agree to support each other.

We commit to doing the necessary work to build a broad, strong
movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people.

We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!

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Antifa in Washington DC.

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