Washington DC: Banner Drop “Against the Limo and its World”


The following photo and report was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down.

On January 20th 2017, a limo was set aflame in response to Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C.

In opposition to the fascist, white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist system we live in; a limo was torched as an act of rebellion against the totality of all things oppressive.

Some decried the action, others rejoiced. But what better symbolizes the tyranny of this world than a uselessly long expensive car that caters to a decadent few. A gentrifying force which only serves the privileged at the expense of the marginalized.

“Against the limo and its world.”

A banner was dropped in remembrance of J20’s revolutionary flames, in solidarity with those resisting ICE detention centers, and as an admonition against Amazon’s intent to establish a second HQ here.




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