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Apr 8, 17

Washington DC: Richard Spencer Flees as Antifa Shuts Down Fascist Rally

Today the Alt-Right continued to imploded in on itself, following Trump’s latest attack on Syria, to say nothing of the numerous drone and bombing attacks that have taken place in Yemen, Afghanistan, and other countries in the Middle East since Trump took office, continuing policies normalized under the Obama administration. In Washington DC, Richard Spencer tried to salvage what was left of his media spotlight that has dimmed following a conference he organized late last year, where attendees gave Nazi salutes to “Hail Trump.” He did so by staging an ‘anti-war’ rally outside of the White House conveniently chosen for April 8th, which coincided with a large community event organized by anarchists in Washington DC to discuss the need for anti-fascist organizing, in the hopes that opposition would not materialize. Spencer has been like many on the Alt-Right, who condemn the bombing campaign as a step back for Trump towards neoconservatism and away from white nationalism.

This move had nothing to do with stopping the horrors of imperialism, war, or the threat that large scale nuclear conflict would entail, but instead is based on the Alt-Right’s warped ideology of fascism, genocide, and white supremacy that sees American military action as a distraction from the war that needs to be fought on American soil against non-whites.

Despite it’s recent break-up, the Alt-Right is most famous for hitching itself to Trump’s wagon, even bragging that they had been the key ingredient that helped to elect him. But for those that have been paying attention to Trump, the recent actions in Syria should come as no surprise. Chief strategist, Steve Bannon, who famously declared that his former website, Breitbart was a “platform for the Alt-Right,” and spoke positively of fascist writers such as Evola, have long written and talked about how the US would soon engage in military conflicts throughout the world. Trump has also stated numerous times his intention to engage in regime change, use nuclear weapons, and push for military attacks with other countries, even going as far to say once in front of CIA headquarters that there might even be another Iraq war.

Trump’s cabinet and administration is also staffed with corporate CEOs, especially from the energy industry; people who would benefit immensely from continued US wars in the middle east that could secure access to vast supplies of oil. Trump’s latest imperialistic excursions aren’t a break with Trumpism, but are simply the realization that Trump promotes an authoritarian and extreme version of both neoliberalism, American imperialism, and intervention abroad. While Trump may have sold himself as a far-Right populist, his real drive is to secure power and wealth for the ruling class as the US continues to fracture in the face of ongoing crisis and class stratification.

Trump’s recent bombing in Syria takes place as his support has never been lower, and now even half of white men polled say they don’t support Trump. Furthermore, Trump’s broad attack on the poor, the entire working-class, the environment, health-care, social programs, immigrants, and refugees – all helps to continue ramped up repression on a mass scale, threatens life on this planet, and also moves massive amounts of wealth out of the hands of everyday Americans and into the pockets of the elites.

The Alt-Right knows it’s ship is sinking along with Trump’s and they are trying to desperately abandon it before they drown. However, no amount of rebranding themselves as ‘anti-war’ will hide the fact that they openly promote anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism, fascism, and genocide against people of color.

The Trump train is derailed and it is burning. Let the fucking rats burn with it.

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Dick Spencer gets glitter bombed!

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