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Jun 3, 19

Water Protectors Lock Down to Stop Line 3 Pipeline Construction

Report from Northfield Against Line 3 on Water Protectors locking down to stop Line 3 construction and powerlines being built which will connect to the larger Tar Sands resource extraction project. 

In Park Rapids, MN This morning, water protectors supported by Ginew Collective, Northfield Against Line 3 and others halted work at an active construction site on the proposed Line 3 route. Three water protectors locked themselves to logging equipment while over a dozen concerned citizens rallied in support.

Great River Energy, Enbridge’s named utility provider for numerous pump stations it needs to power its tar sands pipeline, is logging through water crossings and wetlands next to the Line 3 route.

Our very own Jonas is locking down to equipment to stop line 3 Donate to his bail via Paypal by sending money through PayPal to [email protected] or send to Also, do donate to Ginew Collective at

Northfield Against Line 3 发布于 2019年6月3日周一

Enbridge has significant unmet energy needs to power the Line 3 route, and notes its partnership with Great River Energy in its application to the Army Corps of Engineers to bulldoze through wetlands and water crossings. Great River Energy specifies in its Army Corps application that it is building the electric transmission line to power Enbridge’s pipeline unbuilt pump station.

Minnesota has not issued the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) or DNR permits required for Line 3 construction across wetlands or water crossings. Minnesota announced the 401 water quality certification process will not be complete until fall 2019.

“Enbridge pretends to follow the process while it is busy bulldozing through our forests and wetlands,” said Frances Weatherall while locked to logging equipment.

3 Water Protectors lock themselves to machinery to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline. Enbridge’s contractor is cutting down trees and clearing wetlands to build a transmission line to power an unbuilt Line 3 pump station. #StopLine3

Stop Line 3 发布于 2019年6月3日周一

“This is a years-long plan to send more dirty tar sands through Minnesota, don’t be fooled into thinking they won’t destroy as much as they can while they wait for their final state permits,” said Mollie Weatherall, locked with her sister on the same machine.

Jonas, who was also locked to a machine said, “This is a step towards decolonization, Enbridge is carving up the planet and our government doesn’t care. Today it’s my turn to put my body between the planet I want to protect and the attacks against our water, our climate, and Native sovereignty.”


Donate to bail of arrested Water Protecters via Paypal by sending money to [email protected] or send to Also, do donate to Ginew Collective at

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