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Jun 29, 18

We Are Being Doxxed: What to Do Help Keep Each Other Safe

The following is a text about what to do to keep yourself and loved ones from being doxxed and everyday steps to avoid detection.

Read and Download HERE

The alt-right has gotten hold of some of our online accounts. With this information they are creating imposter accounts in order to harass, phish, and dox us. They are sharing our personal photos along with addresses and phone numbers to encourage further harassment. Their efforts have been far reaching and are expanding. Now is a crucial time for us to take our data security seriously and review our practices.

We particularly encourage those of us who may feel off the radar to examine security practices, as we have seen a willingness to target less visible or publicly active friends both for harassment and for information mining. Individual security is about keeping all of us safe.

We have put together a PDF detailing what we have learned thus far so we can all be prepared and hopefully prevent future doxxings and invasions on our privacy and safety.

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