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Jul 21, 15

Where It Did and Didn’t Go Down Last Weekend

ss-150719-kkk-rally-mn-02.nbcnews-ux-1024-900Originally posted on It’s Going Down

This weekend, demonstrations took place throughout the US, as people countered right-wing rallies and protests and took to the streets in response to police murders. Grabbing the most headlines was a Columbia, South Carolina rally called for last Saturday, and organized by the KKK and the National Socialist Movement (NSM), a Neo-Nazi organization, in support of the Confederate Flag. Anarchists and other radicals had called a counter-demonstration and clashes broke out at the capitol building. The rally was an attempt by the racist right to intervene in the current Confederate Flag debate and gain white supporters, however it appears that the rally was a near total failure – police even cut it short an hour early.

KKK on the steps of the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia on July 18, 2015.

Various news sources report that an estimated 50-75 people came out to support the fascist side, while over 2,000 came out to shut them down. While police attempted to keep the two sides separated, fights between the two camps did go down and Confederate flags were stolen and destroyed. The rally on the fascist side was a broad collection of racist right-wing groups coming together and their small size shows their inability to bring large numbers into the streets for fear of attack. Check out our social media round-up here and a new report from the day by anarchist participants. One People’s Project wrote:

As the assorted White supremacists did not bring a sound system and were relegated to taunting a increasingly volatile crowd, authorities shut down the rally a half-hour early due to safety concerns. Many of those who participated in the Nazi rally had to walk unprotected to their vehicles and ended up in even more fights with counter protesters. Several videos shows one participant being kicked and stomped by members of the Bloods street gang before he was able to run away, while others show truck windows being broken by objects being thrown at them. One person was making obscene gestures at the crowd while he was driving and ended up getting into an accident as the crowd laughed.

635727653236858082--R8R7257In Tucson, Arizona where anarchists had called a black bloc in order to shut down an anti-Islam event called for outside of a local mosque, rally organizers (on the fascists side), ended up calling off the demonstration. A similar protest held in late May in Phoenix featured hundreds of armed protesters outside of a mosque. Also in Phoenix Arizona, protests continued against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the continued collaboration between Arizona law enforcement and immigration enforcement (ICE). Native Americans also carried out protests against a proposed copper mine.

In Denver, protests continued in response to the police murder of an indigenous man, Paul Castaway, as pro-police forces called for support rallies and marches. Marching with signs reading, “Blue Lives Matter,” on Sunday, the the pro-police march clashed with anarchists and anti-police forces in the streets, however no arrests were made.

Across the US, protests continued to take place in the wake of the death of Sandra Bland, a young African-American woman who died in police custody in Texas. Protests, rallies, and marches have taken place across the South and the US. Check out Mask Magazine's 'This Week in ACAB,' for further updates and reports. 

In Canada, indigenous people took further actions against oil and gas pipelines that are being pushed throughout their lands as well as against a recent police murder in Dawson's Creek, B.C. RCMP police also killed a person while in-custody in Alberta. Be sure to check out Warrior Publications for further updates.

In Mexico, heated protests continued in Ayotzinapa, around the case of the disappeared Normalista students. According to one report:

Family members of the disappeared students [tried] to gain entry into a military camp were blocked and tear gassed by 300 riot police. Family members of the 43 forcibly disappeared Ayotzinapa students protested Wednesday outside the 27th Infantry Battalion military base in Iguala, Guerrero state, where the students were disappeared almost 10 months ago, local media reported Wednesday. Demonstrators carrying signs bearing the names and faces of the disappeared students were met by some 300 riot police in front of the military base, where protesters aimed to gain access to personally speak with military officials.

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