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Jan 12, 18

White Lies Don’t Matter: Report on the Racist Kalkaska Murder

KALKASKA, MI Broderick “Brock” Ward, 42, called his brother Sammy Ward, 38 telling him about how a resident of Kalkaska had questioned “what is a n***er like you was doing here?” — “You never heard of Kalkaska? There are three Ks in Kalkaska for a reason,” the man told Brock, alluding to the Ku Klux Klan.  Explaining that he felt extremely uncomfortable — the friend he had traveled up north with had told him to hide in a backroom should his Racist friends come over.

Brock told his brother that he had asked a mutual friend to come get him. He told Sammy to give the friend gas money if needed, because he was completely broke.

That was Nov. 17, the last time the brothers spoke. Brock stopped answering his phone, this was unlike him. Three days later on Tuesday, Nov. 21, Sammy and two other family members traveled the four hours north to look for Brock. They eventually found him 20 minutes south, in a rental trailer In Fife Lake — dead, alone and covered in blood. He had been shot to death.

Samuel Ward said that police have told his family that a black man, Terrance Jordan, confessed to the murder and stated that it had to do with drugs. Ward said he is not buying it, “The house had no drugs. I don’t know what these people had when they caught up with them, but what does that have to do with my brother?” Seems shit isn’t adding up, Sammy continued, “I don’t know if this is a smokescreen. They’re lying so much about everything and not telling us anything. They’re saying a black guy confessed saying it was a drug deal gone bad.  I think they want us to put it out there to ease up the race thing. It will take the light off them.”

Wednesday, Nov. 15, Sammy says his brother stopped by their mother Betty’s house and brought a friend, Jason Morgan of Kingsley. They said they were heading up north to go fishing.  After they left, Sammy called his brother. “‘Brock you’re going way up north, you need to let me know where you’re going,’” he told him, asking him to text him his address when he got there. He did.

Friday Brock called saying he felt uncomfortable because he was told by his friend, “that it is racist up here, it’s very racist.”

“So at that point, I guess my brother was getting nervous. He called for a ride. He was telling me, I’m on my way back down. Make sure Mike come get me. If they need gas money give them some gas money to come get me.”

Family friend, Mike, who runs a transportation service drove up to give Brock a ride home.

He arrived at the address Brock had texted Saturday morning. When he tried calling Ward’s phone, there was no answer. He waited two hours, but when the calls went unanswered he left.

Sammy began making phone calls looking for his brother. He called the police, local hospitals, bail bonds. Nobody had seen him. By Tuesday, Nov. 21 he felt extremely worried. He, his sister Tangela Ward and a nephew Pre’Andre Ward made the drive north in search of Brock. When they arrived at the house, they found it locked and nobody around. Walking around the house they found one room with a window open. A breeze blew the curtain slightly, which is when they saw Brock’s feet.

“You couldn’t see the rest of the room so the wind was blowing and it blew up and I seen a pair of shoes and I just knew it was my uncle because the shoes he had on are the shoes that I bought him,” Pre’Andre Ward said. The nephew climbed through the window and then let the rest of the family in.

When the cops got there, he started noticing strange things. Like, while the family was being questioned, a Yukon pulled into the driveway. Sammy said the cop asked the person who he was and the driver identified himself as the homeowner, the officer told him to leave.

“They had all our IDs, our information down––and  that’s  the homeowner! Why weren’t you questioning him?” Sammy recounted. “He would know everyone! Why are you letting him go?”

The following day the Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office reported arresting a POC male who they originally stated was from Wisconsin, but four days later it was revealed he had lived in Traverse City for 8 years. shit work cops, you suck at – job.  Terrance Jordan, 36 is a friend of Jason Morgan.  Both were thrown in jail with Jason’s girlfriend Sara. She was released November 23 with no charges, but was at the scene when the murder occurred.

“My family is just so hurt because we can’t get no answers,” said Sammy. “Who do we turn to? If we can’t turn to the police, who do we turn to to get answers? They won’t tell the news anything, they won’t tell nobody nothing.”

Notes from the Pre-Trial November 27th

Both defendants seem coerced by the sheriffs in attendance.  Terrance Logan, the friend from Wisconsin… reportedly had confessed.  He stood mute when asked for a plea. Why, if he has confessed, is he being forced to continue to languish in the court system. It looks like he is being used to leverage the other defendant, Jason, to also plea.

Both defendants seemed to not be able to grasp what was happening. Jason and Terrance both seemed surprised when the charges were read, both shaking their heads NO when the charges were read.

Both defendants bond was raised from one million to ten million. If they can’t get out, they cant tell their story to anyone.

Both defendants were assigned court appointed attorneys.

Sheriffs coached the defendants telling them to “just say yes” when asked certain questions.

Undersheriff interrupted a conversation between a member of SnD and the family in the foyer of the courthouse. The cop told the family that drugs were involved, though no drugs have been found.  (There were no drugs in the house, on the body when the family found Broderick).

The sheriff said there was a huge struggle at the house where the murder occurred. When the family arrived they described the scene as un-touched.  Except for Broderick’s body.  They ALL stated there was no evidence of a struggle or fight at the residence.

The Undersheriff stated that Terrance had confessed, but when asked if it was on tape, he said no.  Then maybe.  And then yes, on audio.  Then maybe again.  In an official statement to the press, the cops reported to the news that Terrance had confessed.

Jason has been charged with robbery, however the family members in attendance stated he offered to pay for Brodericks fishing gear and fishing license.  The family stated that Jason and Broderick would regularly loan each other money.  The sheriffs department claim he lured Broderick north to rob him.   How can you rob your broke friend?

The entire Ward family rejects the authenticity  and accuracy of the cops story… 100%


June 2017, the mayor of Kalkaska, who prefers to be called the “President of Kalkaska” had posted anti muslim and extremely racist messages on his personal facebook page stating “the Black Lives Matter movement has grown out of control, it’s time to thin the herd of this crap.”  and that it’s “time to kill every last one of them, they cannot be rehabilitated.” he has continued to imply, disgustingly, that this is “free speech.” Bullshit. During this time the members of SnD were organizing with Redneck Revolt who attended a rally against the racist mayor and his army of weaponized ignorance. Since that time those people had have many conversations with the residents of the village.  Routinely it was stated that the mayor, ALL the cops and much of the administration were extremely racist and unafraid to show it.  There was also many WN, Nazi, KKK tattoos at the protest.

SnD Traverse City is working daily with the family of the victim. We continue to uncover glaring inconsistencies and, in some cases, direct contradictions to previous statement by the cops. We will continue to work with the family to uncover the facts surrounding Brock’s murder. What we are finding is that there is a growing WN movement in the area especially Vanguard and Klansmen, to a degree that is of very immediate and profound concern.  We have known of two, possibly three klavens in that area for the past 20 years… at least that long. To the south in Cadillac there is a growing Nazi presence.  It is thought that these elements are combining forces.  If this is true, any connection to a racist mayor and administration could be a fatal blow to organizing efforts of these fash trash.

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