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Feb 29, 20

Who Let the Frogs Out?: A Round Table Discussion on the Far-Right in 2020

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we are lucky enough to be joined by three different grassroots antifascist journalists and community organizers who discuss both the state of the far-Right in 2020 and larger trends they are seeing playing out in their local areas.

For our discussion we are joined by Abner Hauge from Left Coast Right Watch, who talks about the evolving situation in the greater bay area as well as the Pacific Northwest, in terms of groups like Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys. Next is Molly Conger, a long time activist in Charlottesville who discusses the seemingly never ending drama surrounding lawsuits steaming from the disastrous Unite the Right demonstration that took place in 2017. Lastly is Goad Gatsby, who is also based out of Virginia, who opens up about the state of the neo-Confederate movement and the militias following the events in Richmond on January 20th.

Throughout our long discussion, we cover a lot of ground, talking about this election cycle, Trump, the various far-Right and white nationalist formations, accelerationism, Groypers, the attempt by some to move into grassroots GOP politics, and much more.

While our conversation is extremely broad and covers a lot of ground, a clear picture emerges that while the far-Right may be beaten and disorganized, they are still attempting to push their people into office and influence policy, while at the same time, remaining extreme dangers to our communities and social movements. This is not the time to put our guard down.

More Info: Left Coast Right Watch, Molly on Twitter, Goad Gatsby on Twitter

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