Wilmington, DE: Banner Drop for the Vaughn 17


The following report and photo was anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down, which we reprint here.

It reads:

A banner was dropped in Wilmington, DE in solidarity with the Vaughn 17 that read “Prisons don’t keep anyone safe (A) #Vaughn17.” The message was directed to the people of Wilmington, the family and friends of the defendants on trial, the elders of Smyrna 5, supporters, and the staff of the DOJ and DOC who may happen to have looked out the window by the elevators on the 8th floor of the courthouse at 500 N King St during lunch break on the sixth day of trial.

To the defendants, we see you, we love you, and we fight in solidarity with your struggle to overthrow the oppression of the modern day slave plantation that comes in the form of the prison industrial complex.

For more information about the case and ways to support, check out: https://vaughn17support.org

All power to the people!!! Fuck the pigs!!!

-some anarchists

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