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Nov 12, 21

With the Lights Out: A Discussion with Lobelia Commons on Mutual Aid, Climate Change, and Hurricane Ida

What happens with the lights go out and the police guard stores filled with food? Will our networks be ready to sustain ourselves? Will we be able to help our neighbors or keep to ourselves? Can networks of mutual aid and autonomy form out of disasters, or will they only further entrench inequality and domination?

On this episode of It’s Going Down, we again speak with two participants in the ongoing autonomous anti-capitalist food resiliency project, Lobelia Commons, based out of New Orleans. We discuss how the project has grown since the last time we spoke, the response to their publication, The Earthbound Farmer’s Almanaccompare experiences in Puerto Rico and New Orleans, and discuss autonomous disaster relief responses to Hurricane Ida and beyond.

More Info: Lobelia Commons, Call Contributions to Earth Bound Farmer’s Almanac, IGD interview with Lobelia Commons, CrimethInc. article on mutual aid in New Orleans in the face of Hurricane Ida.

photo: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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