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January 17

Wobcast #2: Proof of Concept

The Wobcast is a brand new podcast from the Organizing Work website, which details contemporary workplace organizing campaigns from a revolutionary perspective.

In the second episode of our podcast, Marianne Garneau argues that the Stardust campaign in NYC is the “proof of concept” of the solidarity unionism model developed by the IWW.

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Hear episode one of our podcast here.

The following articles are referred to in this podcast:

Do Solidarity Unions Need to “Go Public”?
Boom Without Bust: Solidarity unionism for the long term
The Momentum-Killing Strikee

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Organizing Work

Organizing Work provides a platform for workers to talk about their workplace campaign struggles, from their own perspective. In addition, we do investigative reporting, and commentary pieces on the challenges workers and unions face today. Support them at: https://www.patreon.com/organizingwork

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