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Jan 3, 21

Youth Riot & Take Over at Baltimore County Juvenile Treatment Center

Abolition Media Worldwide reports on recent youth uprising at a so-called juvenile treatment center in Baltimore county.

Youth committed to a privately run Baltimore County treatment center rioted and took over the facility on the morning of December 24.

The previously undisclosed incident occurred at the Chesapeake Treatment Center, a privately run addiction treatment facility on the grounds of the Charles H. Hickey Jr. School. Furniture was destroyed, windows were broken (as well as) door locks and doorway frames. A locked nurse’s station was breached by breaking a window. 19 detainees participated in the uprising.

The protest started with youth sitting outside their rooms, refusing to follow orders and pouring water on the floor. An hour later, the detainees had broken into a locked medical supply room and a music room. Some climbed onto the facility’s roof.

photo: via Martin Olsen on Unsplash

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