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Aug 25, 23

Actions and Work Stoppages Against the Mountain Valley Pipeline Continue

Resistance to the Mountain Valley Pipeline continues. On August 22nd, a communique posted to the counter-info website Unravel took responsibility for sabotage to construction equipment. The communique read:

We heard the stays were lifted and construction on the Mountain Valley Pipeline has resumed. I wonder if they’ve noticed some issues with their machines? As they continue to work, bleach eats further and further into their engines. By now, the damage should be done.

Protest alone is not enough. Despite years of Appalachia residents saying they do not want this pipeline-in the courts, through protest, by nonviolent direct action like locking to machines-the project is being pushed through anyways. Join us to stop this pipeline while we still can!

On Saturday, August 19th, Appalachians Against Pipelines posted an action report on a work stoppage to social media reading:

Saturday’s work stoppage prevented Mountain Valley Pipeline construction for nearly 3 hours! Here you can see pipeliners and security locking arms to prevent us from getting close to the machinery, in the hopes that they could prevent us from stopping work.

Honestly, it’s not a bad use of a soft blockade tactic, considering they’ve never had a nonviolent direct action training. Now if only they could pick up a thing or two about how this pipeline they’re building is destroying ecosystems, threatening communities, contributing to climate apocalypse, and continuing the legacy of settler colonialism! Maybe next time?


Another report posted on August 17th reported on another work stoppage:

Folks walked on to an MVP site, bringing construction to a halt. Every delay counts. Doom to the pipeline!

People hung banners from equipment that read “Only You Can Prevent Pipelines” and “No Pipeline Not Even A Little” as they prevented MVP from grading and clearing brush on the easement. The action took place in so-called Montgomery County, VA on Yesan Land.


For more information on the struggle against the Mountain Valley Pipeline, check out and Appalachians Against Pipelines on Facebook.

photo: Stop the MVP on Twitter

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