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This Week In Fascism – A weekly roundup antifascist news, actions, analysis and updates.

Canadian Tire Fire – A roundup of news, action and analysis of anti-capitalist and anti-colonial social movements written by anarchists across so-called Canada.

Prison Break – Every month, the Certain Days collective presents Prison Break, a collection of updates and news about political prisoners and prison rebels.

BreakOut – Roundup of prisoner resistance to the COVID-19 pandemic across prisons, jails, and detention facilities.

Tranarchy – Standing at the intersection of trans identity and revolutionary Leftist politics; consists of radical news and analysis by journalist Evelyn Kronfeld.

Getting Organized – An ongoing column about community organizing and some do’s and don’ts of anarchist and autonomous activity.

The Grouch – The Grouch covers and investigates the far-Right and State repression.

The Otherworlds Review – The Otherworlds Review is an unquiet thought in the waning hours of Enlightenment, an invitation to the dead, and a compendium of ways. Will you share yours?

Resistance Is Life – An irregular dispatch on the ongoing conditions of life in the heart of the Rojava Revolution.

Vandalisms – An irregular column of vandalism. We collect stories and photos of all sorts of interventions into the visual space—via paint, posters, stickers, and more—across so-called North America.

Making Monsters – Making Monsters explores the intersections of wealth and power by looking at various contemporary examples of the billionaire class. Written by journalist Luke Gardner.

Peak Civ – Peak Civ is written by Kevin Tucker, a long time anarchist, author, and publisher of many books, journals, and essays.

IGD WorldWide – Our goal is to extend the coverage of It’s Going Down with content from outside North America, including reports, analysis and interviews. We aim to not only build awareness of anarchist struggles worldwide but to usefully contextualize events for an international audience.