Upcoming Events

  • June 12th – 19th: Save the Mattole Direct Action Convergence in Northern California. More info here.
  • June 14th-17th: Fight Toxic Prisons conference. Gainesville, Florida. More info here.
  • June 15th – 23rd: Wild Roots, Feral Futures in Southwest Colorado. More info here.
  • June 17th-18th: Call to stop deportations in Chicago. More info here.
  • June 19th: Mobilize against Nationalist Solutions conference. More info here.
  • June 22nd: Protest against migrant child prisons in Chicago. More info here.
  • June 23rd: Running Down the Walls event in Hamilton, Ontario. More info here.
  • June 23rd-29th: Call for a week of action against 287(g). More info here.
  • June 28th: Call to defend Seattle Trans Pride. More info here.
  • June 29th: Call for antifascist mobilization against the Proud Boys. More info here.
  • June 29th – 30th: Southern Regional Organizing Assembly of the IWW in Richmond, VA. More info here.
  • July 6th: Mobilization in DC against large Alt-Right rally. More info here.
  • July 27th-28th: Anarcho-punk festival in Berkeley at the Gilman featuring workshops, bands, and speakers. More info here.
  • August 3rd-11th: Institute for Advanced Trouble Making in Worcester, MA. More info here.
  • August 16th-18th: Indigenous Anarchist Convergence in so-called Flagstaff, Arizona. More info here.
  • September 28th: Toronto (ON) Anarchist Bookfair. More info here.

Submit your event here: info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org