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Sep 30, 20

Against Trump’s Coup & Fascist Boogaloo: Towards a General Strike

Correction: On the opening to this podcast, it states that Trump said “stand down and stand by,” which in reality Trump stated “stand back and stand by.”

The first debate between the ruling corporate parties has now come and gone, with even the mainstream media agreeing that the entire event was a raging dumpster fire. Trump, who has for months said that he will not accept any other outcome in the upcoming election other than a victory, has been prepping his base with tales up impending mass voter fraud through mail-in voting. Trump’s allies such as Roger Stone, have likewise pushed for Trump to declare martial law and make the election void, setting in motion Trump declaring himself the supreme leader.

According to The Atlantic, Trump and Republicans are pushing to install loyal electors within key swing states, in order to bypass the popular vote and the electoral college, which it seems Trump has given up any hopes of winning. The Trump campaign has also called on its supporters to form “an army” to guard the polls. Already, Trump supporters have shown up to polling places, in an attempt to intimidate voters. During the debates, Trump even refused to disavow white supremacy and said that the Proud Boys should “stand back” yet “stand by.”

In the face of this, the neoliberal center is simply pushing for people to come out to the polls in mass numbers and hope for the best, while Trump is openly calling for a coup as the fascist far-Right pushes for open civil war. With all this in mind, on this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we discuss what everyday people can expect to play out on election day and how people could possibly mobilize in the face of this disaster to stop the formation of both a Trump dictatorship and a far-Right wave of violence.

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