Throughout August 2018, #AllOutAugust actions and mass mobilizations took place, bringing into the streets thousands of people against an attempt by the far-Right to rebuild a broad, big tent street movement following the abysmal failure of Unite the Right in Charlottesville, 2017. In Providence, Portland, Berkeley, Washington DC, Charlottesville, Chapel Hill, and across Canada and the US, thousands faced down against both the far-Right, and violent, militarized police that acted as a defacto protection force for fascist paramilitary violence.

In the face of mass resistance, far-Right forces are retreating back into localized battles (such as around Confederate monuments) and communities they feel they have a base of support within (such as in the South or rural Pacific Northwest). Some formations, such as Identity Evropa, are attempting to infiltrate and gain a foothold within the Republican Party, while ‘lone wingnuts’ such as Patrick Little, attempt to run for office. Meanwhile, mainstays like Joey Gibson continue to drift from protest to protest, hopping on whatever bandwagon will have him.

Throughout the fall, this page will serve as a clearing house for information and updates on upcoming antiracist and antifascist protests, counter-demonstrations, and mobilizations against the far-Right. To email us about events, write to us at info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org.


Anti-Racist Activist Fund:

Donate to help support the “25 anti-racist activists are facing criminal charges for their participation in the August 20 demonstration and subsequent demonstrations against white supremacy at UNC. In one instance, a UNC student is facing the same charge as a white supremacist who assaulted him.”


The founder of the far right wing organization Turning Point, Charlie Kirk, and their Communication Director, Candace Owens, are doing a speaking tour at CSULB. This is an outrage to allow a neo-conservative fascist on a campus that claims “diversity” and a “safe campus community”. We must gather in solidarity to let the right wing fascists know we will not tolerate them on our campus. The presence of this group on campus threatens the security of people of color, queer folks, immigrants, and people from different religious backgrounds. The message of Turning Point and Charlie Kirk is racist, misogynistic, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim, and xenophobic masked under the principles of free speech. This organization claims the right of free speech but only as a method to preserve capitalist, white supremacist, and patriarchal systems. This is a call for action. We must not allow TPUSA to hold space at CSULB and we must speak out against their hate tactics. Join us in resisting white supremacy and defending our campus community.

  • Tuesday, November 6th, 6 PM, Portland, OR: March Against ICE. Gathering at City Hall. Call for antifascist presence.
  • Saturday, November 17th, 11 AM, Washington Square Park. Comeout to oppose the Proud Boys and other far-Right groups. More info here.