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Nov 11, 22

Anti-Eviction Protesters Demonstrate in Support of Houseless Encampment in Downtown Montreal

Report from No Borders Media on demonstration in support of houseless encampment in Montreal by anti-eviction groups.

Anti-eviction protesters demonstrated in support of the homeless camp underneath the Ville-Marie expressway in downtown Montreal. The camp, which has been on-site for at least two years, was scheduled for eviction, ordered by Transport Quebec.

Source: No Borders Media

However, due in part to the anti-eviction mobilization and related media-attention, the eviction was postponed. Protesters were adamant that any eviction should be postponed indefinitely, and that the community members in residence at the homeless camp should be provided with services and options.

The protest gathered at Oscar Peterson (still-called “Lionel-Groulx”) métro station, and marched through the local neighborhood, ending at the homeless camp underneath the expressway, where residents waved and expressed thanks.

Source: No Borders Media

Several protesters came with supplies (including water and food) to donate to the homeless camp. The anti-eviction solidarity protest and march was called by the Montreal’s Autonomous Tenants’ Union / Syndicat de locataires autonomes de Montréal (SLAM).

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