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Jan 30, 19

Anti-Klan Coalition Announces An All-Day Action Saturday Feb. 2nd

Press release and update from the FLOWER Coalition on the mass mobilization at Rock Stone Mountain on February 2nd.

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga.Jan. 30, 2019 – The FLOWER (FrontLine Organizations Working to End Racism) Coalition is announcing a meeting place and time for protesters ready to counter the Klan on February 2nd. Protesters will converge at 9AM in downtown Stone Mountain at the corner of E. Mountain Street and Main Street. From that point, guidance will be given on how to enter Stone Mountain Park. All protesters are encouraged to carpool or ride share. If parking, please park at least a quarter of a mile away from the meeting place and allow extra time to walk there. Once inside the Park, protesters will spend the entire day countering any presence by white supremacists and keeping them from terrorizing the community.

Andrea McDonald, FLOWER spokesperson, says, “The Stone Mountain Memorial Association made the right decision in denying the Rock Stone Mountain organizers their permit, but since that point, their decision-making process has been opaque and deeply irresponsible. They have failed to publicly alert the surrounding area to the threat posed by violent white supremacists and their planned armed invasion of the Park.” Other FLOWER organizers have been alerting downtown Stone Mountain small businesses themselves, attempting to make up for the inaction of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association.

The FLOWER Coalition encourages greater media coverage of the irresponsible park management system and the white supremacist history behind the Confederate carvings. However, journalists covering the event on the ground should note that there will be no official spokesperson for the FLOWER coalition on the day, and no one counter-protester will speak for the entire coalition. Counter-protesters will speak for themselves, their own groups, and their own communities, but coalition statements will only come from the FLOWER website, social media, and email.

For further information on the protest, follow our social media closely on the day of the event.


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We are a diverse coalition standing together to fight organized hate. Organizing against the KKK at Georgia's Stone Mountain Park on February 2nd.

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