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Aug 24, 23

Antifascists Flyer North Philadelphia Neighborhood, Outing Neo-Nazis

Report on antifascist community outreach action in North Philadelphia against two neo-Nazis. 

Back in early July 2023, a Philadelphia couple Mark Kauffman and Sara Sheaffer, were revealed to be the leaders of the Tri-state area neo-nazi crew S14. Since then several other S14 members have been unmasked such as Mathew Bair, Paul Minton, and Daisy McGowan. Antifascists have been continuing to turn up the heat on S14 members, exposing their cross over membership with other fascist groups and extensively doxxing them.

Since his July doxxing, Kauffman has been publicly attempting to hide his own fear by trolling antifascists and doubling down on his fascist activity. With he and Sheaffter feeling the pressure, area antifascists got together a few days ago to apply even more pressure, by flyering Mark Kauffman and Sara Sheaffer’s neighborhood.

Kauffman and Sheaffer live in North Philly, specifically in the larger Kensington area. The E Wishart Street and surrounding community are predominantly Latino, further making Kauffman and Sheaffer’s very public neo-Nazi status and activities particularly dangerous for those around them.

Antifascists posted up English and Spanish language fliers on Kauffman and Sheaffer’s street, all over the adjacent side streets, and in the wider Kensington community. They were also able to pass out fliers to community members and discuss Kauffman and Sheaffer’s presence in the neighborhood. All community members that antifascists spoke to were rightfully shocked, angered, and pissed off that nazis were living next door to them. Antifascists gave interested community members stacks of fliers for further dissemination.

If you are interested in distributing and downloading either flier go here.

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