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Feb 25, 16

Appalachia Resist! Action Camp: March 18-20

From Appalachia Resist!

Appalachia Resist! is a small group of rural activists who use direct action as a tactic to resist the fracking industry in our region. We work and live in a rural working class community that is predominant white. We see that struggles for environmental justice and the ongoing fight for racial justice are linked. We want to articulate that link and find concrete ways to work together to push back against a system that brutalizes and sees as disposable the bodies of low income rural people, people of color, non gender conforming people, women, native, and undocumented people. Mentioning all these people together should not be a way of erasing difference (this is not “all lives matter”) but a way of seeking actual solidarity based on mutual liberation. This is a monumental task, and we are definitely not experts. But we think it’s important and necessary. So we are hosting an action camp March 18, 19, and 20, the theme of which is connecting environmental justice and social justice efforts in our region. We are hoping that the camp can be a place where organizers from different issues can “swap” or “pool” trainings, can offer skills and strengths from their campaigns, and also seek further skills training that could help their efforts. We are hoping to include trainings from regional activists working on racial justice, anti-rape culture, prison solidarity and prison abolition, environmental justice and anti-extraction, and more.

Please RSVP by March 7 to Appalachia Resist <[email protected]> or by joining the Facebook event page, by clicking HERE. That way, we can plan food, childcare, and accommodations.
When: Friday Evening March 18-Sunday Afternoon March 20 or Monday March 21 for those who can stay longer.

Where: Federal Valley Resource Center
To get there from Athens, take 50/32 E to Guysville, then 329 N, the building is on the left on 329 right as you come into Stewart.

What: 2016 Regional Action Camp for Social & Environmental Justice– connecting social and environmental  justice efforts in our region to start building a broad coalition that brings us together as allies.

How: By working with regional activists for a dynamic weekend of community building in our region around racial justice, anti-rape culture, prison solidarity and prison abolition, environmental justice and anti-extraction. We will provide childcare, help with places to stay or camp, two meals on both Saturday & Sunday. Bring snacks to share on Friday evening.

Why: The struggles for economic, racial, and environmental justice are linked and it’s time to offer a camp that will be a jumping off point for solidarity and commonality among social justice and environmental struggles.  We realize this a monumental task, and we are definitely NOT the experts.  But we believe beginning a dialogue is important and necessary!  Join us!

Updates: If you are on Facebook, please check for updates on our FB Page, by clicking HERE. Otherwise, we will get news about workshops out via our email list. 

About Appalachia Resist!
We are a group of rural activists that formed Appalachia Resist! in 2012 in a mostly white working class community with a long history of fossil fuel extraction. We respond to the fracking industry in our region by using direct action as a tactic. We coordinate and cooperate with other groups working against this extractive industry. We’ve decided that solidarity with social justice campaigns is how we want to move forward in our work.


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