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Apr 10, 21

As Online ‘Whites Lives Matter’ Forums Collapse, Cities Across the US Vow Not to Give up the Streets to the Fascists

Over the past several weeks, antifascists have worked to expose plans being made by a collection of neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and Proud Boys to hold “White Lives Matter” rallies and marches in “City Centers” across the US on Sunday, April 11th. If successful, the events would mark one of the largest attempts by the racialist far-Right to engage in real world activity since the Alt-Right largely collapsed in 2018. With groups like the Proud Boys also taking part and working hand in hand with outright neo-Nazis and national socialists, it seems that the “White Lives Matter” rallies have the opportunity to bring various parts of the far-Right together to put boots on the ground at a time when many are still reeling from State repression following the attempted pro-Trump coup in DC.

In recent days however, it’s become clear that many of the ‘White Lives Matter’ Telegram channels are severely disorganized and in many cases were set up by antifascists as honeypots in an attempt to demoralize the far-Right and gather intel on its members. Still, many fascists are claiming they will rally regardless and groups like the KKK in Southern California have even flyered neighborhoods in the lead up to the 11th.

With this in mind, anti-racist and antifascist groups across the US have called for demonstrations in opposition. As the call from Seattle states:

It is no accident that they are gathering to flaunt their racist ideology during the trial of George Floyd‘s murderer, which is also a time of increased violence and misogyny against Asian Americans and the inhumane detention of refugee children at the border.

While militia groups, neo-Nazis, and the Proud Boys may be licking their wounds following the attempted coup in DC, there is still a strong need to keep the fascists off the streets while we fight structural and systemic white supremacy. With that in mind, here’s our list of counter-demonstrations on April 11th!

Seattle, WA: 12 Noon, Westlake Park

Huntington Beach, CA: 11am, Huntington Beach Pier

Albuquerque, NM: Civic Plaza, 10 AM.

Denver, CO:  Cheesman Park, 11am.

Fargo, ND: 12pm, Island Park Pool

Raleigh, NC: 12pm, 140 East Jones Street

Philadelphia, PA: 11:30 AM, Philadelphia, City Hall


NYC, NY: 11am, Union Square

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