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Below is a collection of autonomous disaster relief groups and info on how to plug in, donate, and volunteer.

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Autonomous Hurricane Relief Post-Michael:

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Please share and donate if able, Blue Ridge Autonomous Defense are good folks! * "We, a grassroots community group, are answering the call for decentralized relief efforts around the impending Hurricane Florence. Our community group is based in Western NC and South western VA and focuses on community support and emergency medical response. We are working with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief as a decentralized mutual aid network to connect with those most adversely affected. * All funds raised will be spent directly on travel and supplies that will be taken directly to folks in areas most affected by this potentially devastating storm. * Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo was quoted as saying, "once this storm is upon us, we're not going to be able to send emergency personnel out to rescue you." * In the face of this reminder we acknowledge that WE keep each other safe, and that in times of crisis, we are all we have. Thanks for your generous support, and well wishes. In Love and Solidarity, Blue Ridge AD" #WeKeepUsSafe #mutualaid #hurricaneflorence #florence

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