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Mar 10, 16

Bloc Party: Paper Pushers and Prison Wardens

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

Can we just start this week’s column with deafening round of Fuck You’s? In fact, we’re going to put this weeks column into a list of all the people and things that can literally fuck right off. In no particular order here are all the Fuck You’s from the Bloc:

Correction Corporation of America Leavenworth. Those who run this prison are the epitome of human garbage. They are currently attempting to starve our comrade, Eric King, by taking away his ability to access commissary to augment the vegan food tray he receives. Eric’s support crew worked with Eric to tally up the nutritional intake he receives per day with the food tray. He is being fed less than 1000 calories per day. If you haven’t already called CCA Leavenworth to demand proper nutritional care for Eric, please do. His health and wellness are truly at stake as he is reporting symptoms of malnutrition at this time.

Eric King, a vegan anarchist from Kansas City, took a non-cooperating plea on March 3rd to “the use of explosive materials to commit arson used to effect state commerce,” and is currently set to spend the next ten years in prison.

Whatever paper pusher up the federal chain has denied Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s release. Mutulu was told this specific date of release in February 2016 for years. Days prior to his release this was changed and denied. It appears he will be facing the parole board in April. He has asked for letters to be written:

Please address letters to the Parole Commission [specific instructions are below] but email them to both my attorney Peter Schey at [email protected] and my family at [email protected] for review before they are forwarded to the Board.  I will not be personally reviewing letters.

Batman. This one’s for you, Sean Swain. We’re remiss to say that we missed Sean’s indictment of Batman back at the end of January. Swain wrote:

So, we have to find a way to kill Batman. And not just in the comic books, but we have to exterminate Batman, eliminating him from the larger culture. It’s not enough even to kill batman in the cultural sense, but we have to kill the Batman in our heads.

Sean’s right. Batman can fuck right off along with every cop and C.O.

Sean currently is looking to get reading materials, so send him some stuff:

Sean Swain #243-205
Warren CI
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Obviously the FBI makes this list every time. We plan to write more in depth about this recent gem next week, but in the meantime just know that the FBI is currently warning high school kids about scary, black clad anarchists across the U.S. In “educational materials,” that the FBI is providing to educators and school systems you can learn that anarchists may try and trick you into being a puppet for their lawless agenda. We aren’t going to link to the fed’s educational website, but we will tell you that we took the pop quiz about “extremists,” and give the FBI a 6 out of 10 on their use of flash animation. Really though, fuck a bunch of feds.

The Cleveland 4 need visits! Please help them out and let’s make sure they stay connected with their families and comrades.

Kevin Olliff only has three more months left in prison!! Kevin and his co-defendant, Tyler Lang, have been fighting conspiracy charges under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act for allegedly releasing thousands of mink from a mink farm. They both recently took a non-cooperating plea deal. Tyler is still awaiting sentencing, but Kevin got timed served and should be out in 3 more months! Stoked for this news Kevin!

Speaking of Animal Liberation prisons, Nicole and Joseph, indicted under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), have recently had a pre-trial date. We ask that people keep close taps on their support site here.

There are updates from Anarchist Black Cross – Mexico on companero Yorch of the Okupa Che squat in Mexico City. Check out their statement on 325:

We know that this is part of the set-up that the Mexican government is orchestrating to attack the anarchist movement in general and, more specifically, the Okupa Che squat. At the same time that the legal montage is being set in motion, the media campaign has not stopped; yesterday an article was published in a national newspaper in which names of our compañerxs appear and are accused of forming part of alleged drug sales operation at the National University (UNAM).

Just today it was announced that Yorch was bailed out.

Mexican activist Nestora Salgado is still fighting to get out of prison, even 30 months after a court issued an order for her release. She is now facing new charges, but they are weak enough that there is some hope that they could lead to a swifter release.

Rhode Island Black and Pink is requesting support to end solitary confinement! There is a call-in campaign to support a bill limiting the use of solitary in Rhode Island.

The effects of segregation and solitary confinement are profound: many people experience extreme mental and physical health effects while in segregation. The practice is very expensive and associated with higher recidivism rates. This local campaign builds upon our people’s histories of grassroots activism and decisive Federal action and pressure to end this horrific practice. In Black and Pink’s national survey, Coming Out of Concrete Closets, ending solitary confinement was identified as one of Black and Pink inside members’ immediate goals in our fight to abolish prisons. This call inspired Black and Pink Providence inside members and free world allies to push for this in Rhode Island.

Black and Pink also released a statement regarding a recent article put out in their newsletter. Issues of harm and interpersonal violence are a running theme among radicals, and it seems few have any clear answers.

Jay Chase has a court hearing on March 23rd. Jay is attempting to fight charges of assault pinned on him by guards while incarcerated as one of the NATO 3.

Prison rebels in Virginia have formed a new Inside/Outside group called the Free Virginia Movement. View their statement of purpose and their goals, here. FVM is tied together by the Industrial Workers of the World, who are helping to form a network of prisoners organizing in prisons across the country.

Eddie Africa was denied parole again this February.

In the meantime we urge people to sign The Petition we aimed at US Attorney General Loretta Lynch as we demand that The Justice Department investigate the wrongful and ongoing imprisonment of The Move 9 . People can go here to donate.

Lastly, a big shout out to Casey Brezik’s support team who send us this report about his background. From the report:

As I mentioned in my last post, my first post, the first anarchists I was ever able to clique up with were in Kansas City. After a sequence of events I was left without a place to stay within the city. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to leave—I just wanted it to be on my terms. That day came when I had an argument with my, then, girlfriend (she was far too good for me anyway). I hopped the first train and headed south towards warmer weather. I should’ve known more about hopping before I did so because I put myself in a lot of danger without realizing it at the time (though I’m not sure it would’ve made a difference to me) by doing dumb things while riding. I got off somewhere in southwestern Kansas and walked to a truck stop in an attempt to hitch a ride further south. A man told me he would give me a ride to Tulsa. I thought it would be perfect because the only other anarchist I knew by name was out of Oklahoma City.

Until next time, keep your chins up and your fists higher.

-your friendly career bad kids

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