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Aug 16, 19

Demand Utopia Protests Boeing For Manufacturing Weapons Being Used Against Rojava & Yemen

Report from Demand Utopia on recent action against Boeing, who is manufacturing weapons used against those in Rojava and in the ongoing genocide in Yemen.

On August 12th a small crew consisting of Demand Utopia members from Demand Utopia – Portland and Demand Utopia – Seattle and friends from Rojava Solidarity Seattle turned out to The Boeing Company’s facilities in Everett and Renton in Washington to protest the manufacturing of weapons being used against antifascist allies in northern Syria and in other conflicts around the world.

Rojava Solidarity Seattle produced a handout with details about the Boeing war machine. Boeing weapons are used to slaughter innocent civilians from marginalized communities in an area called the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) colloquially known as Rojava and in the genocide in Yemen.

The funding of the war machine is partly due to generous illegal tax breaks of approximately $100 million from Washington state every year. Yes Governor Jay Inslee, urgent action is required by Washington state!

Join the call to action in disrupting the war machine. Check out the website and rise up to smash Turkish fascism.

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