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Nov 15, 17

Boston: Neo-Nazis to do Security for Nov. 18th ‘Resist Marxism’ Rally

In recent months, the far-Right coalition between the Alt-Lite, neo-Nazis, militias, the Alt-Right, and Trump supporters, has collapsed in the wake of Charlottesville. But some have attempted to keep it going, taking the ‘Free Speech’ model and revamping it under the guise of ‘anti-Marxism.’

This following report from North Shore Antifa, details how an upcoming far-Right rally on November 18th will feature security from the neo-Nazi group ‘American Guard.’ The American Guard was founded by violent neo-Nazis in the Vinlanders Social Club, and up until recently included Unite the Right speaker, Augustus Invictus. Like groups such as the Soldiers of Odin or people like Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, AG has attempted to whitewash their neo-Nazi and white nationalist ideas, while building a united front with others on the far-Right.

A group called “Resist Marxism” is planning a rally on Boston Common for Nov. 18th with “Free Speech Rally” organizer John Medlar, along with far-right “patriot” groups the Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, and Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer from the PNW. “Based Stickman” Kyle Chapman is also listed as a headlining speaker.

Historically, organized “anti-communism” and the opposing of perceived “cultural Marxism” have been dog-whistles for fascist activity. Alliances and collaboration between “patriot” groups/militias such as the III% and OK’s and white supremacists have long been visible

The “Rally For The Republic” attempts to make an explicit stance against fascism and racism. But when your talking points and overall message parrots those of neo-nazis and white nationalists, don’t be shocked when a number of your supporters are in fact neo-nazis and white nationalists and you get labeled as such by the public.

This is what only a quick glance at the list of attendees marked as “going” on the R4TR’s Facebook event turned up:

“Josh Cameron”, who’s real name is John Camden, of Manchester, NH is a white nationalist/neo-nazi and a member of NH American Guard, a group that has been tasked with providing security for the Resist Marxism rally on Nov. 18th.

Through our embedded sources we have learned that not only are there going to be white nationalists and neo-Nazis present at the Nov. 18th rally in Boston, they have in fact been directly involved in the organizing of the event and have been tasked with providing security for the event. The screenshots below were taken from the private Resist Marxism organizing Facebook group.

The direct ties between hardcore white supremacists and the American Guard are well known and well documented. With their logo proudly displayed on the “Rally For The Republic” poster and having been hired as security for the event, it is clear that the organizers of R4TR are in direct collusion with neo-nazis.

Camden is a proud white nationalist member of the NH American Guard, and is friends with Kyle Chapman (Based Stickman) who is a headlining speaker of the Nov. 18th rally in Boston.

Most disturbingly, John Camden documented an all-day racist flyering mission during which he instructed his two young daughters to help him in the spreading of his hateful message. They ate ice cream together afterwards as he made them recite the words “White Lives Matter” into the camera. [Notice the ‘SS’ tattoo on his neck.]

Regardless of how many times Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech try to distance themselves from white nationalists and neo-Nazis, the fact is that those are the people who make up the base of their support, the people they are organizing with, and who these rallies are resonating most with.

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