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March 9

The Cabin of Regeneración Radio is Dismantled

Last Tuesday, March 7, we found out that the cabin of our radio was opened by force. As we entered, the first thing we saw was that our equipment was missing: microphones, cables, consoles, audio equalizers, computers with the archives of Regeneración radio—among other things—were taken from our work space. What particularly caught our attention was that in the entire house, only the radio space was affected.

These events have occurred within a climate of violations against the right to communication, aggression against the press and constant attacks against projects located in Mexico City, where the initiative is to exterminate all of those that attempt to construct politically, socially, or culturally from below and to the left.

Antecedents: This is not the first time we have been attacked. It is important to remember that September 21, 2015, our previous cabin was completely destroyed by a group of people at UNAM. This happened together with physical aggressions, threats of death, and an attempted murder of one of our members. That time we were able to reconstruct and reinvent ourselves in a new space.

Today, once again, we must denounce these acts. Again we must cease our transmissions, stop before the attacks directed against those who take the microphones and direct them toward the Mexico and its histories fom below.

Today, we again begin on the path in search of a new space. We do not feel alone, we know we are accompanied and we appeal to the support of those that have confidence in the work and the social commitment of this free and autonomous media. It is with solidarity that we have risen to continue weaving independent media.

From afar denunciations have arrived against the bad government, the word of our compañerxs. The just cause of the dispossessed and of those of below will continue with our form of fighting shoulder to shoulder with those—like us—that dream of another society, one more just and humane.

Regeneración Radio aspires to continue sharing its knowledge based on its training and everyday practice, searching the integration of a distinct communication inside social processes. Furthermore, we seek to walk on the side of the social movements, organizations and collectives of below and to the left that continue searching to have their voices heard, to generate a shared empathy and organization to eradicate social inequalities.

We will not disappear. We will struggle to newly reconstruct our workspace with the help of all of you, who during years have walked on our side resisting together.

Regeneración Radio

Communication Against Power

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Regeneración Radio

Free and Community Radio Broadcasting from Mexico City. Communication against power ...!

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