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Oct 23, 21

Call-In Campaign to Keep Sean Swain in Ohio

Call-in campaign for anarchist prisoner Sean Swain.

In early 2019, intrepid anarchist author and prisoner was swept away by the ODRC without legal process (requiring a hearing) to the hands of Virginia. His time in VADOC was basically without incident, but due to circumstances beyond Sean’s case (the interstate transfer agreement between VA & OH) he has been sent back to Ohio and is being held at OSP Supermax at Youngstown, in his prior cell.

Sean’s support crew fears that Sean will be sent to another state, far away from his partner, his lawyer and many of his longtime supporters. His support crew is asking that Swainiacs everywhere to call Glen Elder, the ODRC official believed to be the contact for interstate transfers and politely express concern about Sean’s safety and the illegality and injustice of this process. You can reach Glen Elder at (614) 387-0815.

Here is a basic script, see if it resonates with you:

Dear Mr Elder,

I’m calling to express concern for the safety of Sean Swain, #A243205. Sean was just transferred back to Ohio from Virginia and he and his community are hoping that he can stay in Ohio.

Sean’s representation in the ODRC records reflects the perspectives of former ODRC counselor Trevor Clarke, who sexually assaulted Mr Swain in 2013 and against whom Sean filed a PREA grievance. Clarke chose to retaliate by filing fraudulent disciplinary charges against Mr. Swain, accusing him of all sorts of heinous activities including some which he could not have possibly done (such as running a website from within Ohio prisons). Sean has no history of fights in the ODRC or during his time at VDOC. He is an upstanding community member, the author of two books and is currently working on a children’s book.

This is an opportunity for you and the ODRC to allow Sean to move forward since the end of Mr Clarke’s career. Sean has been in prison for 30 years and just lost his father last year, he was recently married to someone who moved to Ohio to be near to him, and is focused on continuing to act in accordance with the rules of the facilities he’s at. Please give him a chance to prove himself.

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Sean Swain is an anarchist prisoner, radio commentator, and author.

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