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Jan 14, 17

Call for a Militant Femme Bloc at Women’s March on Washington!

Submitted to Its Going Down:

We call for militant femme and queer folk to march together at the “Women’s march in Washington” in a rowdy femme bloc!

The erasure of militant femmes by white liberal feminist organizing is alive and well. That same erasure of our bodies and our work is aiding in ushering in a neo-fascist regime, as they insist on pacifying the militant opposition needed to defeat it.

We will not go unnoticed. We will not submit to a peaceful transition.

We want to disrupt the patriarchal trope that militancy is only for the realm of the masculine. That’s bullshit. An unwavering will for liberation is femme as fuck.

We do not want white liberal feminism speaking for us. We will speak for ourselves from now on. We have no solidarity with liberal feminism.

1/21. Corner of Independence & 3rd St. SW. 10AM. We’ll be the ones in black.

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