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Mar 10, 17

Call for Submissions for “Learning From Standing Rock” Project

Hey! This is a call for submissions of texts about strategic lessons that can be learned from the resistance at Standing Rock. As one phase of the resistance has ended and another has begun, I think that it would be valuable to take a minute to reflect on the lessons learned from this game-changing moment in movement history.

Please submit writing about whatever you want, but here are some leading questions:

What worked?
What didn’t?
Which actions were most effective?
Which actions were least effective?
Do you have any insights on dynamics between indigenous and
non-indigenous water protectors?
What was unifying?
What was divisive?
What were the biggest problems in the camps?
In what ways could future camps do a better job of subverting patriarchal gender relations and roles?
What were the best aspects of camp life and how could these be
replicated in the future?
What do you think should have been done differently?
What can we learn from the tactics of DAPL, the police, and the state?
What can we learn from the legal battle?
What message would you like to pass on to future water protectors?

This project is mostly for the benefit of those who were not present at Standing Rock but who might participate in something similar in the future.

My plan is to publish a compilation of thoughtful strategic analyses, both online and in print. However, seeing as I might not want to or be able to publish everything that people submit, I plan to put everything that anyone submits unedited onto a wordpress site.

Please submit writing to [email protected]. Submissions can be signed with your legal name, an alias, or be  anonymous. Please include whatever information about yourself that you consider relevant.

Thanks, y’all!

Love & Solidarity to all Water Protectors!

a comrade from the Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! collective
[email protected]

P.S. If you spent time at Standing Rock and are interested in collaborating on this project, please let me know. I’d love some help.

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