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Sep 6, 23

Coalition of Independent Unions Takes to the Streets in Portland for ‘Trans Day of Solidarity’

Rank-n-file members of the Coalition of Independent Unions, made up largely of unions representing fast-food and services workers, several part of the anti-capitalist labor union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), took to the streets of Portland, Oregon on Saturday, in support of a day in solidarity with trans workers.

On Facebook, the goal of the march was described as such:

The CIU, which is composed of unions such as Doughnut Workers United, Burgerville Workers Union, Restaurant Workers of Portland, Buffalo Exchange Workers Union, and Market of Choice Labor Union are hosting our first annual Trans Day of Solidarity (TDS)…We believe in the current political climate within the United States that organizations such as unions can be a beacon of hope for trans individuals against employers who are increasingly turning their backs on LGBTQ+ peoples and embracing fascist politicians and political movements.
Together we can help change the corporate and political climate surrounding trans rights in this country. No one is coming to save us but ourselves, and together, in our communities, our organizations, and especially our workplaces, we have the power to not only protect trans workers, but to also fight back against the exploitative corporations and politicians who’ve lobbied against our identities, our freedoms, our access to life saving health care, and our very right to exist.

Reporting on the event, the Burgerville Workers Union wrote:

The first annual Trans Day of Solidarity was an incredible, emotional and inspiring day! The first coordinated action by the Coalition of Independent Unions. Workers from across different unions marched from location to location where employers are failing the trans community, stooping by to picket Powell’s in solidarity with ILWU Local 5, Buffalo Exchange, Pot Belly, Starbucks, Voodoo Doughnut. Thank you to the Musicians Union local 99 for the marching band!

The Coalition of Independent Unions went on to write:

The CIU would like to thank all of you who came out in support of trans workers yesterday! To see so much of our community, so many union members, and so many rank and file trans workers United for a better future for us all brings so much hope and joy to our hearts! Yesterday, we showed Portland, and corporate America, that our voices will not be overlooked. That our struggle will not be ignored. And that Portland is a union town! A union town that will protect and support its own, trans or otherwise! Thank you all so so very much!

Follow the Coalition of Independent Unions here.

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