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Jul 4, 19

Cocaine, Proud Boys, & Fake News: On the Eve of the Demand Free Speech Rally

After a pathetic showing in San Francisco featuring the same line-up of who gives a fuck and sort-of well known liars like Jacob Wohl which didn’t even manage to produce a counter-protest and was besieged by infighting over the presence of Unite the Right speaker Baked Alaska, the organizers of the ‘Demand Free Speech‘ rally decided to take their demands to DC. Hoping to capitalize on the 4th of July celebrations and Trump’s dreams of a military parade, from the outset, it looked like the rally on July 6th would become the largest far-Right event since Unite the Right in Charlottesville in 2017.

The event was supposed to feature disgraced heavy hitters from the world of racist conspiracy theories such as Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer, OG (original grifer) Roger Stone, Gavin “Choke a Tranny” McIness who founded the Proud Boys, the leader of the Proud Boys who attended Unite the Right and now leads Latinos for Trump (I know, right?!) Enrique Tarrio, as well as “of course they worked at InfoWars” former Pizzagaters like Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich.

Talking about Florida Latino politics.

Latinos For Trump 发布于 2019年6月22日周六

Numerous other Proud Boys, MAGA youtuber celebrities, and other luminaries who next year will probably have Patreons to fund their search for Bigfoot are also planned to speak, but needless to say the list is long, as probably half will never show up.

Look at these fucking losers.

According to media reports, the Proud Boys stated that they expect upwards of 1,000 supporters to attend the event, yet only rented one Port-O-Potty. It seems that not only has Gavin forbid them from whacking off, but also has now stopped them from peeing – or perhaps the rumors of Proud Boys drinking piss are true, and they don’t want a precious drop to be wasted! Uhuru!

But a lack of bathroom access was just the start of the rally’s problem. First, Jack Posobiec, the guy that used to pose for photos with Richard Spencer, tweet about 1488 and (((them))), denies hiring two young neo-Nazis who were connected to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter despite being photographed working with them, was fired from The Rebel for stealing footage from a white nationalist, and is probably best known for pushing Pizzagate – yeah that guy – decided to pull out, maybe. Jack cited a conspiracy pushed by Alt-Lite shit rag Big League Politics, that according to posts on the Proud Boys own Telegram, antifa was going to “spray acid” at the event. Next to back away was Mike “I’m a Nihilist” Cernovich, who said he had a wedding to go to, which begs the question as to why he was on the flyer to begin with.

But then a big bomb dropped, Omar Navarro, GOP hopeful who wants to beat out Maxine Waters and who is best known for marching with neo-Nazis in the Rise Above Movement and posing with Unite the Right speaker, Baked Alaska, stated on Twitter that he was out of the event. He claimed in an early morning post on July 4th that the Proud Boys had threatened his life because he threatened to expose their cocaine use.

GOP hopeful Omar Navarro breaks with pro-Trump gang, the Proud Boys

Navarro would later go on to write on Twitter that the Proud Boys were the “ANTIFA of the right,” and then was torn apart by his former supporters in the comments.

Not to be outdone, Joe Biggs, who used to work at the conspiracy site InfoWars and who looks like the kind of douche who posts pics from the gym that no one wants to see, put up a Periscope video of himself surrounded by members of the Proud Boys “Council of Elders,” and Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, in a backyard somewhere. On top of looking like a snapshot from a mid-life crisis, Biggs declared war on Omar Navarro, stating that he was a private school rich boy and that he had been “disavowed.” Biggs went on to state that Omar had also attempted to assault a former partner that no longer wanted to date him and she had recently begun a relationship with one of the Proud Boys. The video ended by Joe Biggs calling Navarro a “leftist,” and a different Proud Boy stating the he was going to be “Deported to Canada,” and another yelling, “The helicopter blades are spinning!,” in reference to Augusto Pinochet throwing political enemies to their deaths out of helicopters.

But soon the action moved from infighting to attempting to make fake news go viral. Milo Yiannopoulos and Jack Posobiec started sharing tweets from a fake Twitter account, @ANTIFA_DC, which for its cover photo featured a picture of the Red Guards from Austin, Texas. The photo, which shows people in hammer and sickle masks and AK-47s in their hands, was also used by ‘Far-Right Watch’ and variety of far-Right accounts to pump up fears of ‘ANTIFA.’ The fake @ANTIFA_DC account features inflammatory posts about violence and implies that antifascists will be armed and will confront Trump supporters at the 4th of July parade and a look at who followed the account showed only neo-Nazis and Alt-Right trolls. Another fake account, @FoxChannel, pretending to be Fox News, also spread a similar story, but shut itself down after being exposed. Both the fake ‘ANTIFA’ and Fox News channel had a link in their Twitter bios to the same website.

This type of fake news spawned by fake ‘ANTIFA’ accounts has played itself out before. In July of 2017, Posobiec promoted a similar fake antifa account that was threatening to desecrate the graves of Confederate soldiers at Gettysburg (despite there being none); a fake threat that led to a real militia rally that ended in one militia member literally shooting themselves in the foot.

Adding to the mix, is the fact that Unicorn Riot has continued to release leaked chats from Identity Evropa/AmIM, which shows that the group will be in DC during the weekend, and plans to disrupt a bookstore and attend pro-Trump and Proud Boy events.

In the background, is Trump’s parade event, which currently is facing heavy rains and a public that was disappointed to find they could not in fact see the new tanks, as they were hidden behind fences in an area reserved for Trump loyalists and VIP ticket holders. If there ever was a metaphor for Trumpism, here it is. As evening came, reports hit Twitter of Proud Boys taking to the streets in packs, attacking left-wing demonstrators.

With all that said, there’s even more reason to come to the #AllOutDC rally on Saturday and show numbers in the face of a far-Right that is falling apart and eating itself.

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