IGD wants to share your story. We accept original content that shares the perspectives and intentions of It’s Going Down. We have taken several steps to help ensure privacy, security, and anonymity; however, this is not foolproof. We need your help in this process. We read and review all submitted content and ask that you please respect our time and efforts by reviewing the following guidelines.


  • Please include AT LEAST one picture.
  • To add pictures inside the post, use the top “POST CONTENT – ADD IMAGE” button, this will load them into the post.
  • To place a cover photo (the big photo that you see on the top of the post), add it by clicking on the “POST CONTENT – Browse” button at the bottom of the page. You won’t see this image pop up, but we will. We know that it is to be the first image people see associated with the post. Make sure it’s good quality!
  • Please proofread, edit, and fact check your piece. You can do this by linking to supporting facts or citing sources.
  • To embed a Tweet, YouTube video, or Instagram post, include the URL in the body of your submission.
  • If you wish to add a PDF, include a URL to it, we will upload it.
  • You can remove METADATA with this.

Form Checklist:

  • Examples of contributions are editorials, first-hand accounts, analyses, critiques, report backs, interviews, documentaries, original research, essays, etc.
  • Please limit linking to or re-posting from corporate media; if a comrade / movement source is unavailable please provide some analysis.
  • Photos, Tweets, and videos are strongly encouraged! Please wipe your meta (EXIF) data.
  • Please spell and grammar check articles and be intentional with HTML formatting.
  • Please do not share anything that directly or indirectly incriminates individuals. We don’t want to know who did what. If you are unsure on security culture basics, read here or listen here.

Content Checklist:

  • Does the analysis come from an anti-authoritarian, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist perspective?
  • Is the action self-organized and put forward outside the hands of top-down groups?
  • Is the activity in conflict with an institution of power?
  • Was this a direct action or just a symbolic one?
  • Does the piece place itself in a larger context or history of revolt?
  • Keep in mind anything posted on IGD will be read by friends and enemies alike.


Strongly Encouraged
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