Less than a week ago, according to witnesses at the University of Maryland, Richard Collins III, who was about to receive his degree and graduate, was brutally stabbed and murdered by Sean Urbanski, a white supremacist and a member of the Alt-Right online Facebook group, the “Alt-Reich.”

Sean Urbanski and Richard Collins III

Collins is tragically only the latest person to be killed by adherents of the Alt-Right. In March, James Harris Jackson, 28, traveled to New York because he wanted to kill young successful black men but settled on a 66 year-old man, Timothy Caughman. Jackson killed Caughman with a massive sword, and after being arrested it became public that he was a fan of and subscribed to various Alt-Right and neo-Nazi youtube channels, podcasts, and websites, including Richard Spencer’s various projects and the Daily Stormer. In the summer of 2015, another Daily Stormer fan, Dylan Roof, carried out a brutal massacre of 9 people in an African-American church in South Carolina.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. A member of the Alt-Right in Quebec City also carried out a killing spree in a mosque, while in the US others have been caught attempting to plan copycat murder sprees of Roof. Recently, only several days ago, after one neo-Nazi killed two of his roommates (associated with the group “Atomwaffen,” which is connected to the Daily Stormer) in Florida, police investigating the murder found bomb and radiation materials.

Cleary, terror, murder, and large-scale violence from the Alt-Right is growing, both in number but also in their desire to carry out potentially large-scale actions. Just today, as this podcast was being finished, a Portland man on a subway car who was hurling racist insults at two women slit the throats of two people who tried to intervene and stop him, killing them. Quite simply: how many more people have to die in the US before we start to recognize the Alt-Right for the murderous threat that it is?

A member of Atomwaffen poses for the camera. After one member killed two others, FBI and police officials discovered that the group had been making bombs and gathering various dangerous chemicals.

While the Alt-Right has always embraced political violence in its imagery, from memes celebrating Pinochet killing political dissents to openly calling for genocide, we wanted to know more about this very real turn towards murder and terror. Sitting down with Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project, we discussed the recent murder of Richard Collins III, as well as further developments in the Alt-Right from Auburn to Charlottesville to Pikeville and beyond.

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