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Oct 4, 16

DC: Black Lives Matter Blocks Streets, Chases Cops off NY Ave for Terrence Sterling

From DC Direct Action News

On the 3rd of October, Black Lives Matter activists swarmed onto NY Ave from 3rd and M St, and blockaded it in memory of Terrence Sterling. Two burning torches were in the march and smoke rose from sage smudging the area. When police ordered the blockade to disperse, people responded by advancing on the cops, who retreated with the crowd in pursuit. Cops by this means were able to lead the crowd off NY Ave, only to kick off a long march that blocked many streets.

As usual, when police read their warning they claimed that by blocking NY Ave the march was “endangering lives” even though minutes earlier the entire blockade had quickly parted to let a firetruck pass, then immediately closed up behind it to prevent cops or traffic from exploiting the opening.

After the cops had been pushed to the sidewalk and Black Lives Matter continued north from NY Ave, a bicycle messenger ride encountered the march-and promptly joined it. Shortly thereafter came a blockade of Florida Ave where the march reached it, which ended when a presumed white racist gave marchers the finger and taunted the crowd yelling about “my people.” He hurriedly retreated with the crowd marching after him at a disciplined walk, not the full speed charge he probably feared. The possibility that he was working with the cops as part of a trap had to be considered. He was permitted to escape and the march continued. At 7th st the march turned south, and after more “circle up” intersection blockades eventually returned to 3rd and M, the site of the Sep 11 shooting of Terrence Sterling by DC Police.

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