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Feb 26, 17

Community Campaign Continues Against Richard “Trust-Fund Hitler” Spencer’s HQ

On the 26th of February, Richard Spencer’s alt-right (neo-Nazi) headquarters on King St in Alexandria received the latest in a series of weekly Sunday 12:30PM protests. Church groups have been protesting there every Sunday, and in addition SURJ N-Va showed up on Valentine’s Day. On March 11th (Sat) the DC Resistance Coalition will protest there as well.

The Sunday protests have been every Sunday at 12:30PM at 1001 King St in Alexandria, VA and are ongoing.

A Twitter post biled the Feb 16 protest as being against the “alt-right” though it is well understood that the alt-right is simply the superset of open neo-Nazis and white nationalists who campaign for the same platform without openly displaying swastikas or talking about Hitler. Both of these factions supported Trump and Richard Spencer is famous both for his “Hail Trump” Nazi salute at the National Policy Institute (Nov 2016) and for the “punch heard around the world” when he was punched out during the Inauguration.

At Richard Spencer’s headquarters we are seeing yet another example of how faith groups, liberal groups, and millions of others are stepping up to the plate to resist. Police, nazis, and prosecutors have established antifascist and anticapitalist activists under siege. In the siege warfare of past times, the classic way to break a siege was for a relief army to ride to the rescue and that’s exactly what those who are stepping up to resist Trump and the alt-right are doing today.

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