San Bernardino, CA: Defend San Bernardino Against Anti-Muslim Rally


Saturday, November 18 at 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM PST
Inland Regional Center, 1365 S Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, California 92408

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We are calling for ALL community members and anti-fascists around the area to come stand together against the hate and bigotry that the organizers of “anti-Sharia” rally are bringing to our community by organizing their event. Last similar rally in San Bernardino attracted neo-Nazis, racists and xenophobes who used the tragic terrorist attack in San Bernardino as an excuse to express hate against all Muslims and to physically assault local population and activists who stood against them. We will defend our community by whatever means necessary!

We encourage attendees to wear masks, which is absolutely legal in California, as the opposition tends to take photos of us and post them on far-right websites. This is also done to avoid the repression of activists by the police state.

¡No pasarán!

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