#Defend20: Week of Solidarity Starts Tomorrow


The Week of Solidarity with J20 Defendants begins tomorrow! July 20th marks six months since the mass arrest on L and 12th Street in Washington, DC; more than 200 defendants are now facing up to 75 years in prison apiece on Trumped up charges. We’re calling on all supporters to organize events and actions in solidarity with the J20 defendants throughout the week. Send reportbacks, photographs, and inquiries to J20solidarity@protonmail.com.

Many groups, organizations, crews, projects, and unions are still signing on in support. Add your formation here.

Also! July 25th marks the international day with antifascist prisoners with events happening in concert with the work of solidarity and autonomously. More info here.

Ongoing Solidarity Actions

Before the week has even begun, we’re already learning of solidarity actions around the country:

  • Graffiti reading “200 People, 80 Years, Just for Protesting?” along the Atlanta Beltway.
  • Film showing and benefit in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Graffiti on a Starbucks in Binghamton, NY that says “Dismiss J20, Drop the Charges!”

Organizations across the country have signed on to the Statement of Solidarity issued by DefendJ20Resistance, while a campaign is underway to demand that the DC Office of Police Complaints release $150,000 allocated for an investigation into the DC Metropolitan Police Department.

Call-In Campaign

During the week of action there will be a call-in campaign to put pressure on officials to investigate abuse and sexual assault by the Metropolitan Police Department:

Demand an immediate and full investigation into MPD’s conduct on inauguration weekend!

1) Call Rochelle Howard at the Office of Police Complaints at (202) 727-3838 or e-mail dcpolice.complaintsoffice@dc.gov.

2) Call Mayor Bowser’s chief of staff at (202) 727-6263, e-mail them at eom@dc.gov, or tweet her at @MayorBowser

Let us (and others) know on social media! DefendJ20 is on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

More info and script here. 


A host of events is planned across the country to keep the pressure on throughout the week:

New York City, NY

  • July 21th, Benefit Show, Film Screening, and Art Sale @ Trans-Pecos, 8:00PM
  • July 22th, Solidarity BBQ @ 354 Stockton St, Brooklyn, NY, 3:30PM

Durham | Chapel Hill | Asheville, NC

  • July 20 • Anarchists on the Silver Screen @ Firestorm Books & Coffee
  • July 22 • BBQ, Bakesale and Benefit Show @ the Back House, 6:00PM
  • July 24 • Letter-Writing/Call-In Party @ Northgate Park, 6:00PM

  • July 25 • The Nightlight Presents “Institute”, A Benefit for J20 Defendants @ The Nightlight, 9:00PM
  • July 26 • Resisting State Repression, A Press Conference @ Durham Central Park, 12:00PM

Houston, TX

Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Roundtable discussion with Jude Ortiz of the Tilted Scales Collective for Pittsburgh J20 Defendants
  • Film Screening of “Born in Flames” @ 40th Street Bridge in Lawrenceville

Carbondale, IL

Chicago, IL

  • Banner making and art workshop @ The Breakaway, 7:30 PM.

Ypsilanti | Lansing, MI

Richmond, VA

  • July 20 • Screening of “Trouble – Episode 4: No Justice, Just Us” @ Community Room, 6:00PM

  • July 22, Solidarity Demo @ Carycourt, 12:00PM

Washington DC

Portland, OR

More events are being organized each day, and there are plenty of ways to plug in and plan one in your local area!


We’ve put together a resource kit specifically for tabling, so you can use these materials to explain the case to people where you live. It includes:

  • How the Government is Turning Protesters into Felons – a zine produced from an article written by Natasha Leonard describing the state’s intention to use the J20 case to set a precedent for mass arrests in the era of the Trump regime.
  • Why I Am Facing 75 Years – a zine produced from an op-ed written by Carlo Piantini, a J20 defendant, about the political nature of the J20 case, its connection to the larger scope of political repression in the United States, and the need for continued resistance.
  • An Unpresidented Case – a brief graphic zine composed of recollections from defendants about the Inauguration Day protests, the kettle, and the repression that has followed since.
  • “Week of Solidarity” – A new flyer and web graphics for this second Week of Solidarity to use for wheat-pastings and social media blasts.
  • “Show Up For Dane Powell” – A flyer calling for solidarity with Dane Powell, the first political prisoner of the Trump regime.
  • “#DropJ20” – A flyer to announce #DropJ20, a campaign demanding that the US Attorney’s Office drop the J20 charges.
  • “I Want You!” – A set of six flyers calling for action to demand an investigation into the conduct of the DC Metropolitan Police Department on Inauguration Day.

The kit also includes an archive of previous J20 solidarity flyers and a host of resources on legal support and prisoner solidarity, analysis and theory on Trump and anti-Trump resistance, anti-policing zines, and material for newcomers on how to join the resistance!

Stay in the Loop

Visit Defendj20resitance.org to sign up for email updates about the case, or follow “Defend J20 Resistance” on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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