Dual Power Beyond the Local: A Conversation with Symbiosis


In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we talked with several people involved in a new confederation of groups called Symbiosis, which includes libertarian socialist groups such as the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the DSA, Black Socialists of America, as well as projects and organizations such as Woodbine in New York, Cooperation Jackson in Jackson, Mississippi, and Demand Utopia in Portland, Oregon.

While these groups are very different, they all are interested and involved in building up both dual power and grassroots infrastructure in their areas. In this episode, we ask a fundamental question: what does this process look like expanded out beyond the local?

Towards this end, we talk about what established groups like Cooperation Jackson are involved in and what things Symbiosis hopes to achieve, as well as some ideas about how dual power projects could break past simply new groups re-inviting the wheel every time a new group forms.

We end by talk about how Symbiosis is holding a conference at the end of the summer, what is next for the confederation of groups, have a critical discussion about the role of electorialism in the libertarian municipalist framework, and much more.

More Info: Symbiosis 2019 Conference, Cooperation Jackson, and Demand Utopia

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