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Oct 9, 18

Duluth, MN: Banner Drop for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

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Anti-Colonial Land Defense reports on a banner drop on Indigenous People’s Day in Duluth, MN.

A banner stating, “NO MORE MMIW” was dropped off an overpass by a collective of indigenous and non-indigenous Water Protectors in Duluth on Indigenous People’s Day, October 8th, 2018, calling for an end to the terrible epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous womxn!

The banner hung boldly over the highway overpass for several hours until removed by so-called ‘ law enforcement’… Duluth is sadly the capital for sex trafficking and missing & murdered indigenous womxn on this part of Turtle Island, and we must fight back for our stolen sisters!

Infrastructure like pipelines, mines, refineries, mega-highways, dumps, factories, and industrial agriculture falls under the category of racist resource colonial extractive industries, and they are destroying the collective future of our planet and are largely responsible for womxn/indigenous women going missing and murdered near their work sites and affiliated areas, entities, and businesses.

This will NOT be accepted, and will NOT be taken anymore!

Entities such as US Bank and Wells Fargo- to name a few, are also responsible for funding this racist resource colonial infrastructure, thus funding cultural genocide of indigenous people’s and their lands, and the continuation of missing and murdered indigenous womxn, and the people say, “No More!”

There is a general call to comrades and allies to fight and oppose these racist resource colonial industries and their affiliates, to reclaim communities, community space, and indigenous ancestral homelands!

This fight extends beyond treaty boundaries and artificial so-called “state boundaries”… This is a fight for all life and mother earth, especially against corporations! It must also be acknowledged that in the past, in conjunction with recent fake promises from “police,” their work has NOT contributed to the end of MMIW; this is something we must do as grassroots communities!

We need to honor women, womxn, and two spirits, trans, elders, all life and the children of the next seven generations! Our every-day work must reflect this!

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