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Aug 20, 18

Eric King is Now in the S.H.U. and in Need of Support

Update on long-time anarchist prisoner, Eric King, from his support crew.

It was just brought to our attention that Eric was sent to the Secure Housing Unit (S.H.U., the hole, solitary confinement, etc) yesterday (8/17/18). At this point we do not have all the details, but it does seem like Eric will be in the S.H.U for the foreseeable future given what we know so far. We will be sure to update everyone once we get more information on the situation.

Eric is so appreciative of all of the mail he had received for his birthday, but unfortunately he won’t have any of it with him to respond to, so if you’re interested in writing him again he’d really appreciate that. We also encourage everyone to send him a note or a postcard or anything. The S.H.U is an even darker place then general population as a lot of you are aware of, so we have a couple of suggestions of easy ways to brighten up an otherwise drab cell he’ll be spending 23 hours a day in for a period of time.

If folks are willing and able, it would be great to include some articles about news, books, media, scientific discoveries, etc or pictures of beautiful nature spots by printing them off of a computer (remember, prisoners cannot get articles ripped out of the newspaper, polaroids, or real photographs).

Or, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, please also consider sending Eric a book to get him some reading material while he’s in the S.H.U.

This is an already particularly stressful time for Eric with the struggles his partner is going through, so if you could help us pass this along and encourage folks to write to Eric he would really appreciate that.

Update 8/19/18: Eric is still in the SHU but has been moved to a high security federal prison. You can write to him here:

Eric King #27090-045
P.O. BOX 1000

Thank you all for your continued support!  Until all are free!

– EK Support Crew

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Support website for Eric King, anarchist prisoner serving time for taking action in solidarity with the Ferguson Insurrection.

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