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Jan 14, 19

Eric’s Communication Restricted: Call in to Help!

Anarchist prisoner Eric King has had his communication restricted. Calls are needed!

Update: In addition to calling the north-central regional office it is urgent that calls begin to come into USP Leavenworth. The prison has just made us aware that not only was it a choice made by them to restrict communication but they are blatantly lying saying they made him aware. Not only that they are refusing to provide proof that legal procedures were followed they are refusing to even respond to his grievances that were made TWO MONTHS ago. Leavenworth needs be held accountable for this. USP Leavenworth: 913-682-8700
The executive assistant who lied today would I am sure love to hear from you: LVN/[email protected]

Eric is still being held at USP Leavenworth after being assaulted by staff at FCI Florence. He still is being held without charges, disciplinary write-ups, or any disciplinary hearings for more than 140 days. He is still under the jurisdiction of FCI Florence and this month when he tried to call his wife for his one phone call a month he found that their communication was restricted and he was unable to call. EK remains without an explanation as everyone refuses to provide any information as to why his phone communication has been cut off.

This is incredibly problematic not only for Eric and his family for all political prisoners. If the BOP is able to block communication with Eric despite laws and regulations what is to stop them from restricting communication of other political prisoners from their support and family.

Eric is being held in absolute segregation without even a cellmate at USP Leavenworth and has been now for over 137 days now. This added to his previous time in isolation makes his time served about a year of his total prison time which is very traumatic and triggering. Eric is still dealing with the emotions that have resulted from the incidents that took place in Florence as well as that he has been unable to see his family for over 4 months now. He has missed holidays and birthdays. The day he was attacked was the day following his wife’s surgery for cancer therefore he has missed being able to process subsequent medical problems with her. He is faced with the realization that for the remainder of his sentence he will be far from his wife and kids. The letters and support he has received has been amazing and he is so thankful. While he processes the trauma and grief we ask that you stand with him and continue to show support.

We ask that folks call as often as they can and to as many offices as they can. Take a block of time and call the same number over and over, request difference staff’s voicemail. Get creative but show them that we are watching and ready to protect our friend and comrade.

We got word that Eric was planning on going on a hunger strike beginning yesterday if he didn’t have answers. As there is a prolonged delay in mail right now he may have already began. If this is the case it is so important that we hit the phone lines as hard as possible on Monday.


BOP North Central Regional Office
Call: 913-621-3939
Ask for: Director Jeffrey Krueger. If denied ask to speak with his assistant. If denied again, demand the person answering the phone take down a message.Email: NCRO/[email protected]

FCI Florence
Call: 719-784-9100
Ask for: The warden/assistant warden, the legal department, Counselor Quintana, Counselor Rivera. If denied demand the person answering the phone take down a message.
Email: FLF/[email protected]

Federal Bureau of Prisons: (202) 307-3198

Sample Script:

Hi I am calling about Eric King, #27090045 to demand that his phone restriction be lifted. It is unacceptable to take away a prisoner’s calls to his wife and family without any notice and without him being brought up on any charges. We demand that Eric is provided with proof that proper procedure was followed and that his two month old grievance on the issue is addressed. Restrictions on his communication with his spouse needs to be lifted immediately.

Thank you for all of your help and continued support!
Until all are free.
-EK Support Crew

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