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Aug 29, 19

#EvacuateFLPrisons: Hurricane Dorian Phone Zap

Call-in campaign to demand that prisoners be evacuated as tropical storm Dorian bears down on Florida.

As Tropical Storm Dorian, projected to become a Category 3 hurricane by Sunday, threatens Florida over 175,000 people behind prison bars and in detention centers lie directly in it’s path with no ability to evacuate. We need your help applying pressure to ensure the horrors that happened at FCI Beaumont during Hurricane Harvey and the disaster Florida prisoners had to endure last year during Hurricane Michael don’t happen again.

This tactic proved effective last year when we forced North Carolina and Virginia to evacuate prisons ahead of Hurricane Florence!


  1. Immediate evacuation of all prisoners.
  2. Stockpiling of Water and Food at every facility.

If they claim to be evacuating prisons, ask them to release a public statement, ask them which ones, and send that information to us.

When you get a response use #EvacuateFLPrisons and tweet @FightXPrisons!

Phone numbers aren’t working? Tweet us with number updates too! 

Keep them talking, ask questions, get details, email us. (Email [email protected] and include “Dorian” and the Department you called in the email title)!

ALSO- We don’t trust ANY Department of Corrections. Per Jailhouse Lawyers Speak’s advice, “If you know any prisoners in this storm path, it’s important to tell them to fill up any containers or bags with water NOW!! Prisons are notorious for not giving adequate drinking water to prisoners if any at all after the water is contaminated.”

Numbers to Call:

Governor Ron DeSantis: Tweet at @GovRonDesantis

Phone- (850) 488-7146

Florida Department of Corrections:

Tweet at @FL_Corrections and Florida Division of Emergency Management @FLSERT

  • FDC Main: (850) 488-5021
  • FDC Region 4 Director Thomas Reid ([email protected])
    • Phone – (305) 480-4346
  • FDC Region 3 Director Brian Riedl ([email protected])
    • Phone – (352) 989-9111
  • FDC Region 2 Director Erich V. Hummel ([email protected])
    • Phone – (386) 496-6000
  • Note- FDC Regions are prioritized here based off the number of prisons located on the east coast.

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice:

ICE Immigrant Detention Centers:

Tweet at- @ICEgov

Demand Immediate Evacuation of All Immigrant Detainees


Federal Bureau of Prisons:

Tweet at- @TheJusticeDept

  • Southeastern Regional Office Located in Atlanta, GA-
    • 678-686-1200
  • Demand Evacuations in Florida Federal Prisons.
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