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Aug 10, 22

Fences Torn Down at 24th and Mission BART Plaza

Action report from San Francisco, CA, on the recent tearing down of fences around a subway station after local politicians and a business association launched a crackdown on non-permitted vendors. For more background, go here.

Last night, 24th St & Mission Plaza in San Francisco was reclaimed for the people in solidarity with People’s Park in Berkeley, Parker Elementary in Oakland, Echo Park in LA, Mystic Garden in Daly City and every fight for the liberation of public space and against the ever-encroaching police state!

While the fences have already been replaced, we will not sit quietly while the City treats the (housed and unhoused) residents, vendors, and workers who use the plaza every day like a nuisance to be swept up into its squad cars and jails. We will not sit quietly by while London Breed and her new puppet DA Brooke Jenkins unleash their goons on our neighbors in an effort to please their own big-money puppet masters. The City’s vision for the plaza and beyond is centered on gentrification and business interests. We know that San Francisco is more than a playground for the rich.

Calle 24 and Supervisor Hillary Ronen plan to replace fences with $1,000 fines, cops, licenses, and jail when our people drown in fines. Calle 24 is putting Brown faces on white supremacy. on gentrification. on policing.

No fences, no walls, no borders, no prisons, no cops!
The fight is not over.

Let’s be loud and rise up!!! Email & call those responsible & let them know how you feel!

Hillary Ronen @HillaryRonen: (415) 554-5144

Calle 24 @Calle24SF: (415) 658-7930

BART @sfbart: 510-464-7134

London Breed @LondonBreed: (415) 554-6141; Constituent Line: (415) 554-5977

District Attorney general line @BrookeJenkinsSF: (628) 652-4000

Viva la Plaza del Pueblo!
Viva La Mission!
El Pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!

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