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Jun 9, 20

Final Straw: Hotel Sanctuary and Community Defense in MPLS

Long running anarchist radio and podcast show The Final Straw brings us an interview with folks on the ground in so-called Minneapolis about the evolving terrain following the recent rebellion.

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This week we have a double feature! Firstly we got to connect with Rosemary, who is an organizer in Minneapolis, about the liberation of a former Sheraton Hotel in that city and its slow but steady transformation into something that is becoming so much more than a housing cooperative.

They speak about how this re-socialization came to happen, some of the circumstances involved, about how this is a very deep collaboration between un-housed folks in Minneapolis and people involved in doing care work, the power of George Floyd who was profoundly involved in doing that same kind of care work with un-housed people, and many many more topics.

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