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Sep 7, 21

Final Straw: Panel Discussion on Jailhouse Lawyers Speak’s Call to #ShutEmDown2021

Panel discussion on Jailhouse Lawyer’s Speak (JLS) and the #ShutEmDown2021 call for abolitionist actions.

This is the second segment of a series of political discussions focused on building support for the call from Jailhouse Lawyers Speak for National #ShutEmDown2021 demonstration along with support for the 2022 National Prisoner’ Strike and Boycott.

In this segment “Interpreting Realities: Aligning Fragments Within the Prison Resistance Movement” moderated by Brooke Terpstra – a longtime resident of Oakland and co-founding member of Oakland Abolition and Solidarity, which has been active since 2016 in the abolition and prisoner solidarity movements–we are joined by two panelists located within the belly of the beast – a conscious New Afrikan Komrade, located within kalifornia koncentration kamps, who is serving a longer than life sentence due to abuse of State power, along with Komrade Underground–3rd world rebel, urban guerrilla, student of dragon philosophy and member of JLS – to discuss myths and misconceptions of the us prison structure and how these misconceptions create fragmented understandings about the prison-carceral state and forms of abolition. We also hear how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has further isolated prisoners from the outside world.

More about JLS at or by finding their accounts on Twitter (@JailLawSpeak) and Instagram (@jailhouse_lawyers_speak). You can hear the first panel on the Shut Em Down Demonstrations, hosted by George Jackson University Radio, moderated by Mama Efia Nwangaza and featuring panelists are Baba Sekou Odinga, Baba Jihad Abdul Mumit, Baba Masai Ehehosi and Kevin Steele.

You can find a transcript of this interview in the near future at TFSR.WTF/Zines, and you can support our transcription costs at TFSR.WTF/Support.

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