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Oct 14, 21

Fire From Below: Zoe Baker on Lessons from Anarchist History

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with anarchist historian and YouTuber, Zoe Baker, about lessons from anarchist history, what past struggles can teach us about the social movements of today, just what the hell an ‘anarcho-communist’ is, and how anarchists in the past have dealt with the question of organization, tactics, and strategy.

During our discussion, we talk about how anarchism spread throughout the world, how it broke with Marxists and socialists over the question of the State and engaging in electorialism, how historical anarchists have argued for or against informal and formal organization, and also how historical anarchists in the US engaged with the wider population.

We end our conversation by discussing why studying anarchist history is important and also map out examples of anarchists organizing through various informal and formal means in order to carry out mass actions that had far reaching impacts.

More Info: Zoe Baker on Twitter, on YouTube, on Patreon.

Music: Martyr Index “1936”

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