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Jul 19, 17

Flint Stands Up, Fights Back

Flint has been without safe, clean, affordable drinking water for 1,181 days, as of July 19th, 2017. As most are aware, Flint is a prime example of the exploitation of the working class and the results of capitalism dating back to the sit-down strike and beyond.

For several months now, grassroots organizers in Flint have been planning a revolutionary multi-phase plan to take back their city. On Wednesday, July 12, 2017; the next step of this plan was taken. On this day, Flint’s residents stood in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, Redneck Revolt, Solidarity & Defense, Water Protectors across the country, and other activists throughout the state. Dozens of oppressed people marched in downtown Flint to deliver a list of demands to key stakeholders in the city. Our goal was simple, tell those in power to meet our three demands in 30 days, OR ELSE.

Goal One: Lower The Water Rates

Flint residents are paying some of the highest water bills in the nation for water that is not consumable. Its inexcusable that ANYONE should be paying for poison.

Goal Two: Ban The Water Lien

For those refusing to pay for poisoned water, a lien is placed on your property taxes. Flint has a 42% poverty rate. Therefore, residents will likely be evicted and become homeless for not paying that lien.

Goal three: Continue Bottled Water Until Pipes Are Fixed

The state is scheduled to shut down all water distribution sites starting September 1st. Flint residents still rely on using bottled water in their daily lives. And when the sites are to close, residents will be forced to normalize their oppression and drink toxic water.

Wearing black, marching downtown, those three demands were given in letter form to the Mayor’s office, the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, and the Ruth Mott Foundation. All of whom, are key stakeholders within the city. Naturally, most would see this as, “Just another march.” However, the revolutionary escalation being planned ahead, far outweighs any skepticism. And rather than give the power to the city and state, Flint residents intend to TAKE THE POWER.

Considering the goal being a simple letter delivery, it was a major success. The original goal was for over a thousand people this day. However, our presence was still heavily felt, as police in riot gear and a humvee on the lawn of Flint City Hall blocked us from entering. It’s clear that the city of Flint is rapidly transforming into a fascist police state serving the bureaucrats and ruling class. As is the rest of the country.

Residents and activists are ready for real radical change, and if the City of Flint can do such, then so can our nation.

Moving forward, grassroots activists of Flint plan to take the next steps and organize to move toward their community’s liberation.

by A, Solidarity & Defense – Flint

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